Friday, January 14, 2011

Likes to Fight Guy

So the poor third child that he is, Eion has, for the most part, had zero after school activities. While he does get some of the blame, by and large he has refused to participate in anything we've tried, I admittedly have not pushed as it makes my life more difficult the more things we add. But recently, E told me he wanted to try tae kwon do. Luckily for us, the local studio was having "buddy week" this week. Darned if the little guy didn't go, pay attention and do as he was told. Happily. Then he proceeded to tell me he wants to go everyday and has been bummed on the days we could not. Welcome to your new activity champ.

He looks so cute in the outfit too!

Fast forward to yesterday when the girls, who have been looking for a way out of swimming for ages, tell me they want to go too. The owner was nice enough to let them try it out and after the class was over, they declared they wanted to switch to martial arts. I was torn. Swimming is such good exercise that I hate to see them quit. That being said, I told them all along that it wasn't important that they compete, just that they exercise and are healthy. I had told them many times they could quit if they found an alternative. So I had to be good to my word.

Looks like, starting next week, I'll be spending allot less time at the pool and more time at the tae kwon do studio!

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  1. Are you and Tim going to start attending too? Fun for the whole family, I hear!