Monday, January 24, 2011

Love It

So when the discussion about Spring uniforms for my tennis team came up, more than one person quickly suggested we might want to go with something black. Clearly, they were not interested in the new shade of pink I was sure to find! So I went online and found something black - with skull and crossbones (tennis racquets!) in rhinestones. Tim said I was insane to even suggest it to the team but I figured the worst they could do was say they hated it.

Imagine my surprise when they went for it! A few people opted for the sans rhinestone version but my partner loved it complete with bling. Much to the dismay of her teenage daughter, I must add, who inquired, "MOM! What has happened to you?"

I know I am a huge dork but I just love these....


  1. Cute! I hope you get it. Picking teams for this year is going to cause drama around here. Do you have problems with that??

  2. My husband once made a stencil and spray painted his racket with a skull and cross bones. I should let you borrow it to use for your team!

  3. Love the idea of spraying the skull and crossbones on the rackets! While we have had some (unwanted) drama in the past, our team has been together for three seasons and gets along well. But we are flight 4. I think there is more drama as you move up in the ranks!