Saturday, January 15, 2011

Not So Fast

Did I say that I would be at the pool less?

We felt the girls should finish out the month swimming seeing as we had already paid for it. Enter practice Friday afternoon when I am immediately accosted by swim coach Eva, who very much personifies Eastern Block Europe, wanting to know why the girls were quitting. Now, she's really sweet, but something about her still intimidates no matter how well you know her. Being me, I went with the truth - it wasn't the program or coaches, it was my girls.

After practice, she called the girls over. I saw no reason to interfere. Figured if I had to get a talking to, so could they. Five minutes later, they were on board to finish out the season, two and a half more months. Oh and they want to do tae kwon do too. Yeppers, that would be six days a week of after school activities. Well played Katie, well played.

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