Monday, January 17, 2011

Riding in Style

For reasons I do not fully understand, Ann & Hans are part owners of a limo. Said limo was in use for their son's birthday party Friday and then was subsequently parked at their house for the weekend. As we drove home from the gym yesterday, the kids spotted it and the swooning began. (Really, as many times a day as we pass by their house, I can't believe it took them 2 days to notice.) To my children, limos are just about the coolest thing ever. Seeing as we never really have had a need for one, they had never seen a limo's interior or taken a ride. It remained a far off fantasy.

So when Ann invited me to come over to watch the Jets game and have dinner, I asked if the kids might get a ride around the block.

Hans and I loaded up the limo with kids and set out to drop off a friend who had been over. In spite of the dark window separating the driver from the passengers (something that really should come standard in all Suburbans), we could hear them all raucously feteing their journey, yelling out "We are so cool! We're in a limo!"

After we dropped off the one departing passenger, they begged to go on a "joyride." Luckily, they were satisfied with a joyride that went up Franklin and came back down Avenham. My kids were thrilled, describing it as "the coolest thing ever." While I don't know about that, it was  kind of fun to ride up front and see the many strange looks we were getting. Especially after the kids rolled down the window and started giving shout outs (largely about how awesome their ride was) to any and all passers by.

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