Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The "Smart" Kids

So Amy had the fantastic idea of the spouse-less (herself, Hans, and me) taking the kids to Henry's BBQ for dinner. Easy and it was kids night to boot. Love a bargain.

As the adults ate and talked, the kids, having devoured their dinner, gathered round the Galaga/Ms. Pac Man machine. They took turns enthusiastically playing the game.

Now here I have to add that, sorry to be this girl, we consider our kiddos pretty bright. Morrigan is in the PLATO program. Mags and Luke are 100%, A+ kind of kids and Megs has her own spelling group. Which made the fact that they were all playing a game that was on demo mode, no money inserted and clearly said "game over" on the screen, none of which any of them noticed, all the more embarrassing.

And yet, we were too frugal and quarter-hoarding to point out their misconception.


  1. One small correction - Megs isn't off in a corner by herself this year in spelling, happily. I still wish they'd work on the vocabulary end of it a bit more. Does a 2nd-grader really need to study how to spell "allusion" and "solemnest"?

  2. ps, cute photos!! And a fun eve ;)

  3. pps, correction to my comment: "solemnity," not "solemnest"...