Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Twice as Nice

I tried to pay off Eion not to have a birthday party and failed. So in spite of having just railed against big birthday parties, we invited his whole class to Chuck E Cheese. Yes this is the same venue as last year's party and yes, I was feeling a bit guilty about the fact that I planned a trip to Key West on his actual birthday. Sue me.

I didn't really think about the fact that is was MLK Day and CEC was bound to be busy. In the end, it worked in our economic favor. Last year, the place was almost empty and kids were going through tokens at an alarming rate. But increased competition for the games this year made those tokens last longer. Score!

On the downside, the crowded place made it harder to take pictures. But how many pics does one really need of kids feeding money to machines in order to earn tickets to buy candy? Not many I say.

E was pleased to get another CEC birthday medal and plans on wearing them both at the same time a la Olympic medalists. Stay classy E.

They did add a new feature for the birthday child. They put them in this glass walled tube and turn on the air. Tickets fly around and Eion had a minute or so to grab as many as he could. Turns out his fashion choices assisted in this endeavor - his hood caught no fewer than 20. And thank goodness for that as the bonus tickets were used for cotton candy and glow in the dark vampire teeth. Wise purchases.

Our decision to open gifts at home was a wise one indeed. The six year old boy filter is not entirely active and as Eion opened his presents, he gave a running commentary on the value of said gifts. Including for one for which he felt he had no use, "You can send that one back." I was very happy we didn't share that with the whole party. He was a wee bit miffed that even if "sent back" he was still going to have to write a thank you note. But luckily, he had saved all the questionable behavior for home.

It's probably a good thing Eion was our last child. I think back to the girls' early birthday parties with darling invites, themed decorations and special birthday dresses. And if we were at Chuck E Cheese, we certainly weren't using their cakes - we brought in our own personalized one. How far we've fallen. It was evite all the way. And I didn't even blink when Eion's outfit seemed to center around how many different shades of green he could combine. And that CEC provided cake? You betcha! The good news is none of those details seemed to bother E one bit.


  1. Awesome!! Looks like the party was lots of fun and that's all that matters. Love your post...your sense of humor makes me laugh. :)

  2. The ticket hood-snag made me laugh out loud. Not that I'm likely to have an opportunity to take advantage of the info, but I'll store it anyway :)

    How far, indeed, the fall. But fear not -- we think no less of you!