Sunday, January 9, 2011

Well Surprise!

Thursday was not at all what I expected.

Morrigan was sent home from school hacking and coughing and generally sounding like she was going to barf up a lung. She was so bad in fact that we went to the doctor's office, a rarity for us. It's one of the downsides to having a Doctor for a Daddy, you have to be on the verge of death before we seek treatment. But after a few fun hours at Physicians to Children (rather than my tennis lesson, I must add) we were off with prescriptions to Kroger where I figured we could also get something for dinner.

I asked Morrigan what she wanted and she said lamb. Hummm. She had never eaten it before but I figured I would roll the dice. While I don't think my kids qualify as super picky, I do tire of rotating their favorite 8 meals and would love a new alternative. Back to dinner in a minute.

Eion asked last week to go to tae kwon do. Now the last time we tried this, it was a unmitigated disaster. He cried the entire time. But time has passed and the poor kid, being third in line, has zero activities and we gave it another chance. This was Big Surprise Number 1. He loved it. Not only did he love it, but he listened and did what the instructor said the entire time. He wants to go back every day next week. Amazing.

While we were there, Maggie was being extra double secret pouty. She did not want to sit there at all. A friend even got her a book to read but she was inconsolable. What made her happy? [Big Surprise Number 2] She wanted to trim the Box Tops for Education I had brought to occupy my time. Have at it Mags.

When we got home it was already 5:30 and the kids were staving. So I fired up the grill to cook the lamb. The thermometer was high than it ever is and with good reason. When I opened the lid, there was a giant grease fire. Looks like the meat will be cooked inside! While I experimented with pan cooked lamb, I made some oven fries. Sadly, I had not cleaned out the oven prior and it was belching alarm setting off smoke. Dinner, she was not going well, but was eventually complete. Enter Big Surprise Number 3. The lamb, which I did not think I did an especially good job of preparing, was a massive hit. They ate it all, everyone having seconds (including Eion, who hates food), and were massively bummed when it was gone. New food added to the rotation!

Good job kids. Surprise me daily.

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