Sunday, February 27, 2011

Crazy Hair Day

Friday was Crazy Hair Day at Crystal Spring. Maggie's original plan was to just wake up and not brush her hair. Perfect as she is generally rocking a somewhat Rastafarian look in the AM. But she forgot and came downstairs with perfectly coiffed hair, driving us to Plan B: many ponytails.

Now for E, on the other hand, every day is crazy hair day. So we went for the ironic - slicked down and respectable. You would not believe the amount of work it takes to tame the Eion lettuce. But after the application of ballet recital strength gel and spray, we had it contained.

He was less than happy about it. While all the teachers got the joke, he thought he was being left out. Certainly he seemed happier with his hairdo today when he told me that it was "blown by unseen winds." As I said, every day is crazy hair day for E.

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