Monday, February 7, 2011

It Was a Swim Meet Weekend And You Know Exactly How It Worked Out

For a weekend that had nothing scheduled a week ago, this one turned out much busier than anticipated. Friday night, the Taubman Art Museum had a lecture by and book signing with Audrey Niffenegger (The Time Traveller's Wife) which intrigued me enough to re-up our membership in order to attend. I loved the book but had never really looked into the author, well, at all. Had no idea she was an artist as well. While I think I prefer her writing, it was an interesting venture out. And I was able to feed my signed, first edition, first printing fetish.

My date Ann (not surprising anyone, Tim didn't really want to go), had to back out due to widespread family illness, so I was going it alone. I figured, it was Roanoke, I would HAVE to know someone there. Color me downright shocked and alarmed that I didn't recognize a soul! But then the world was right again and I found four people I knew. Whew.

Saturday and Sunday mornings were chock full of swim meet. And this swim meet followed the all too familiar pattern of all our swim meets. Maggie dropped time in five out of six events. By and large, she came in 4th or 5th, seemingly her favorite place to be, but also (for the first time) placed 1st in the 25 backstroke. And she dropped a whopping 13 seconds on her 25 butterfly.

Her sister, on the other hand, was exactly where she always seems to be, DFL. In almost everything with the occasional beatdown on one person. It breaks my heart when she rushes excitedly to the score sheets only to walk away with her eyes shining with tears after discovering she came in last again.

As one who did not (and does not) excel at sports, I can totally understand from where she is coming. So I hugged her close and comforted her while also gently delivering the facts. There is a certain amount of skill some people may have, but many of the girls beating her practice two hours a day, five days a week as opposed to the hour and fifteen minutes twice a week on our schedule. I can't say that I even really want the girls working that hard at this young age - I'd rather have a little more moderation.

So there is a change coming for our household. When Summer is over, we're going to let Morrigan quit. It will be a challenge to keep her active since her preferred place is on the sofa with a book, but I can't see making her continue.

Now Maggie is a tough one. I think when she complains and talks of quitting, it is mainly to parrot her sister. Not to mention after this week's success, she is all fired up to continue. And I know that a part of me, ok a BIG part of me, really wants her to succeed as I am living athletic accomplishments vicariously through my seven year old. No matter how much I want her to continue and would hate to see her quit something she is good at, when Summer ends, it will be up to Maggie. Though in her case, I may make a persuasive argument in favor of swimming.

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  1. Hi, Kate! I enjoyed your post. I'm glad your girls are going to continue swim team into the summer. We're looking forward to seeing you at the meet. Take care. Claudia