Friday, February 4, 2011

Key West

I've been MIA in the most lovely way. It was time for Ann's fortieth birthday trip and it was off to Key West. It was a surprisingly easy flight from our little Roanoke airport - we left at 7:30am and by 12:30, we were enjoying our first of many, many beers! Amy and Sean, who weren't able to make it, had surprised us by having our room fridge stocked with beer. We stayed at The Eden House, a cute Inn that I would highly recommend. After regrouping at the hotel, it was off to explore.

Bars, that is. We had dinner at Cafe del Sol - NOT recommended, marginal food, incredibly rude wait staff- and then we were back out on Duval St. where we decided we would take in some local culture, a drag show. I was a little surprised they lip synced rather than singing and Tim was quick to remind me we weren't in South Beach.

While the more prudent members of our party headed home, some of us stayed out. But only one of us was talked into riding the bull....

The next morning, Tim and I set off to explore the island, not just the bars, and started at Blue Heaven restaurant for breakfast. It was outstanding and not to be missed. I had the lobster Bearnaise which was to die for. We ended up eating dinner there and one more breakfast. It was that good.

As we walked around, I discovered the feral chickens, for which Key West is famous. They are hilarious, just roaming around the entire island. Apparently the natives tire of their crowing but appreciate their tendency to eat scorpions and cockroaches.

After an afternoon rest, we were out to dinner and Duval St., though Tim & I were home (relatively) early that night.

We also made sure to take in all the (non beverage related) sights:

The Hemingway House, complete with all 40+ (some of whom have six toes) cats.

The southernmost point in America.

The Key West Cemetery where you can only be buried if you were born in Key West. Had some fun last words grave markers:

The butterfly conservatory:

And the Mel Fisher museum. We also made it to Sunset Pier where every night turns into a bazaar/freak show, complete with beautiful sunsets,

and trained cats.

We spent our last night eating the delicious local seafood and playing shuffleboard.

One other restaurant that you have to go to if you are in Key West is El Siboney. They had the best Cuban food I have ever eaten. It might qualify as somewhat of a dive, but it was awesome. OK, two other restaurants because you also have to eat a nutella crepe at La Creperie.

And while we hated for the trip to be done, it was time to go home. Probably just in time too so I can work off all the beer and great food! Can't wait for next year's trip - Hans & I get to chose the destination!

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