Thursday, February 17, 2011

On Valentine's Day, True Love and Shock and Awe

Ah this week saw the coming of the great Hallmark Holiday, Valentine's Day. We don't really celebrate it around here, especially this year since Timmy was working, but the chance of me skipping all three kids' parties was exactly zero. Maggie was the winner this go 'round and I spent some time with the second graders. They were a well behaved lot and happily played the game and made the craft another (much more creative) Mother had brought. The teacher asked if I wanted to read a Valentine's themed book but Maggie quickly took over.

All thoughts turned to love after pick up. As we were driving along, listening to some Bruno Mars song about how amazing his girl was, Morrigan asked, "Did anyone ever love you that much?"

Me: Daddy, of course!
Morrigan: But what about anyone else? Did you have lots of boys who loved you?
Me: Well, I met Daddy when I was 19, but there were some boys in high school who had crushes on me.
Morrigan: Well I like Quinton. And I mean like-like, not just like. I hope I have lots of boys who love me.

Nooooooo! It has to be too early for this.

So largely unrelated to love and Valentine's Day, I do have to say that I am utterly and completely shocked at how well the whole family has adjusted to the downgrade in tv. While they are still available for dvds and Netflix, no one is asking. As I sat reading the other night, I looked over to this:

It's so good! All fingers crossed that the underlings keep it up and don't rebel.

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