Thursday, February 24, 2011


So Monday, Timmy was called unexpectedly into work (sick colleague) and I thus felt compelled to make my time that day useful. Seeing as the kids were off school, the useful activity was deemed house cleaning. As I was dusting and mopping, the girls came excitedly into the kitchen and asked "What can we do to help?" My suggestion that they clean their room was quickly dismissed but I figured, what the hell, if they want to clean, I'll give them something to clean. I handed them each a rag and asked that they clean the baseboards upstairs. In a turn of events anticipated by no one, they ran off happily to do said task.


And then came back for more - dusting, cleaning marks off the stair risers, windexing mirrors. It was baffling.

But lest we think they are getting too good to be true, there was dinner last night. As Tim was working, I could not, as I am wont to do, pawn off cooking responsibilities and was forced to whip up some burgers and home made fries. Maggie, a few bites in said, "Wow. Dinner is really good tonight." with the direct implication that this is a change of pace from the meals I normally prepare. Thanks Mags.

But given the choice, I will take any and all criticism of my cooking if it is accompanied by junior cleaners.

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