Thursday, February 24, 2011


So this news article caught my attention yesterday. For those of you reaching for your mice, ready to bail, assuming I am about to derail and go on a political rant, put down that mouse. To your, and everyone else's surprise, this is about beauty pageants.

I read about how Miss San Antonio was dethroned yesterday and while the exact reason is somewhat in dispute, it appears that part of the powers that be's problem with the beauty queen is weight gain. Based on some height and weight reports I saw, it doesn't seem that she is destined for The Biggest Loser, but her contract had a clause about packing on pounds and the (alleged) 13 she's added were deemed too much.

My first reaction was that it seemed incredibly shallow to micromanage Miss San Antonio's weight to this degree, not to mention setting a bad example to the girls of Texas about what is important.

But.....I couldn't stop thinking about it. And it occurred to me that if one chooses to participate in institutions that are judging you almost solely on your appearance, you really shouldn't be surprised when you are evaluated on your appearance. Don't get me wrong. If you dig being up on stage in various types of outfits in an effort to be crowned the fairest of them all, go for it. Not my cup of tea - not to mention my pathological attachment to chocolate and diminutive stature kind of rule it out for me - but I wouldn't dream of stopping someone if it makes them happy.

That being said, if you put yourself in a situation where the plan is to judge your looks against those of others, when that exact thing happens, don't come crying to me. Or for that matter, waste taxpayer funded court room time with your silly lawsuits.

My advice to you, Miss (former) San Antonio: if you don't want to get bit, you really shouldn't play with snakes.


  1. Agreed! Political rants aren't so bad!! :)

  2. Yep, I'm right with you on this one. Is it really being LITIGATED?? What a country.