Sunday, March 6, 2011

Batter Up!

As Morrigan rails about how she is good at nothing and never comes in first, I couldn't help but think how there should be more reading contests. Now there is someplace she could kill it. The child, quite literally, can read faster than me. She absorbs books.

Then she came home the other day all fired up about the local minor league baseball team, the Salem Red Sox. We've attended games and the kids liked them but the level of enthusiasm here was disproportionate. That was until she explained to me that they were indeed having a reading contest.

You would attempt to make a "home run" by advancing from base to base by meeting or surpassing a certain threshold. The first two weeks, you have to read 4 hours total in order to get to first base where you get some little prize. Might be a temporary tatoo. And so on until you reach home plate and are awarded a ticket to a Salem Red Sox game.

Since Monday, she has recorded 15 hours of reading. But you want to know the funny thing? I think it is on the low side. She wrote in her 4 hours yesterday around 4pm and then proceeded to continue to read until we left for a birthday party at 6:30. At this rate, we'll be receiving season tickets.

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  1. Are you guys doing Science Olympiad, or Olympics of the Mind? Seems like she'd be able to put all that reading to good use there as well!