Saturday, March 19, 2011

Daddy-Daughter Dance

[Oh so what if it was actually the Parent - Child Dance. Daddy - Daughter Dance has a much better ring than that or Mommy - Son Dance.] Maggie & E's school had a dance last night. The reactions prior to the dance were mixed. Eion and Maggie were initially anti-dance while Morrigan was all about it. Tim pretty much told the girls that he had been looking forward to a Daddy - Daughter dance forever and they had to go. Personally, I never want to miss any social event so I was on the side of attendance. The naysayers were out voted and we were going.

After agreeing to go, the girls immediately seized on this opportunity to get new dresses. Amazing how that "excuse to shop" seems to be hardwired into even the youngest of shoppers. 

Maggie also determined that if she was going, her best buddy Megan should also be going.

Bad news for her Dad who was also on the anti-dance team. 

In an effort to best prepare the kids for future dances, we introduced them to the concept of a "pre-party" and had Amy, Sean, Ann and kids over for home made pizza before the big event.

The dance was in the gym and largely consisted of kids dancing and adults socializing. Our girls also wanted to dance with their Dad. While I had never seen it before, there is little cuter than dancing the box step to rap!

A little over half way through the dance, the girls determined it was too loud and pressed us to leave. Eion dissented but the ever popular 2/3 majority rule won out and we were done. Seems the girls were both disappointed in the lack of "real" (ie ballroom) dancing and self conscious about their "non-real" dancing. Morrigan told us she looked "just ridiculous" when she danced. My assertion that most everyone, with a few noted exceptions, looked silly dancing fell on deaf ears. While I would have stayed to chat more, I wasn't about to battle the whole family.

I told Tim that, in the end, it was an awful lot like the dances they would be attending for years: you really have the best time at the pre-party with your friends and the actual dance is kind of a let down. We just saved them years of trouble by revealing this truth so early. 

And most importantly, Tim got his Daddy-Daughter dance pictures!

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  1. You're so right - the pre-party is the best part. Although I have to report that Megs had an absolute blast. (For some reason she hasn't yet caught on to the fact that her dancing could be viewed by anyone as anything other than spectacular. Which I have to say I love. Because she is Out. There.) Even her dad enjoyed it. Thanks for providing the pre-party experience to all!