Thursday, March 17, 2011

For Example

So I've told you of the complete impossibility of making my eldest happy these days right? Just an example here....

Since the dawn of time, or at least since she's been in school, Morrigan has been complaining about the fact that her birthday falls outside the school year. Hence, no cupcakes at school, no school celebration. I sympathised, having a December birthday that was often glossed over. We discussed the many drawbacks of all the birthday months: Eion's was too close to Christmas, Maggie's was in a very busy month etc.

Yet still, I heard about this all the freaking time. Every February, I was deluged with requests for "half birthday" merriment. (I refused. It is what it is, you just have to suck up when your birthday falls.)

Our school district is considering moving the start date of school to mid-August. I was telling Tim how much I opposed this maneuver the other day when Miss Morrigan pipped up, "They can't do that! Then my birthday wouldn't be in the summer anymore and it would be terrible to have it during school!"


I can't help but think of a colloquialism Tim's Dad graced us with that, while I find it somewhat nonsensical, seems to fit here. The girl wouldn't be happy if someone sh*t in her lunchbucket.

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  1. Almost everyone has some sort of beef about their birthday! Ava would love to celebrate her half birthday (almost exactly Morrigan's birthday) because a winter birthday seriously limits the activites you can own, being in the dead heart of summer, found most of my friends missing at various camps. (and even now, on family vacations!) If you really want to teach her a lesson, turn it on it's head...make it a day of service to others rather than a celebration of oneself. That'll learn her! :)