Sunday, March 6, 2011

It's Tough Being Six

Last night Tim was working until midnight and rain had kept us largely cooped up in the house all day long. So it was with giddiness that I looked forward to escaping to a birthday party for one of Eion's classmates. It was at a local gymnastics center and they had been kind enough to include siblings. While I know they wouldn't be any trouble, I feel guilty dropping off all the kids and bailing on the hosts so I decided to stay.

It seems the kids were as happy to get out as I was and were zero trouble during the party. Including Eion, who I was concerned about since he felt a sweater and corduroys were an excellent outfit for tumbling.

Sadly, the birthday girl was not having near as much fun as Team McK. About a third of the way through the party, she completely derailed and never quite got it back together. We've all seen it, or lived it, before. The hype is just too much and then the actual birthday is overwhelming and it ends in tears. I think I have some lovely pictures of Eion crying at his 2nd birthday and Morrigan at her 3rd.

But before the sadness, I had a fascinating conversation with the birthday girl's Mom who told me she was so happy that Eion was in her daughter's class this year. I smiled and nodded, knowing full well that based on his performance last year, there should be no way in hell that anyone was rooting for him to be in their kid's class. She went on to say how her daughter could be painfully shy and having familiar faces made transitions and change much easier.

I had never even considered that it would be a problem to have a whole new configuration of classmates each year. (It should come as no surprise to any regular reader that timidity or shyness simply don't happen around our house.) I don't think I've ever even discussed it with the kids. Other than occasional passing disappointment that a best friend is in another class, they just move on and make the best of it.

Granted, they seem to have inherited their Mother's hyper extroverted personality. When a friend asked if I found people who were very quiet and seldom spoke a challenge because you couldn't tell if they were happy, I replied that I just assumed they were doing great and figured their silence gave me more airtime.

Anyhoo, with all the wildly vacillating emotions and strife we've had lately, it was downright refreshing to find out that other families had struggles that I did not need to worry about hitting our house. Are we perfect? Hell no. But we've got shy beat!

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