Sunday, March 27, 2011


After a morning of cooking, we were still at only about mid-day and lacking a coherent plan. Cleaning the closets it was for two reasons: 1) Morrigan's school is having a clothing sale next Friday and Saturday and I wanted to donate and 2) Morrigan very dramatically told me the other day how she has NO PANTS THAT FIT AT ALL. While flush with her cousin's hand me downs, they are all slim fit and she is a regular gal. But before purchasing any new items, we had to clean out the unfitting and unwanted to see exactly where we stood.

We tore apart the girls' room and had a slash and burn policy in the closets and drawers. By the time we were done, we had a big pile ready for the school and Morrigan, literally, had one pair of pants. Seeing as Mother Nature has decided we're not done with winter just yet, that probably wasn't enough.

In spite of my utter distaste and almost genetic desire to avoid the mall, that was where we had to go.

And they loved it. Probably because they are never there. On the few occasions we need something there, I generally go in, commando style, on a search and escape mission. But they were thrilled to browse. We did stay on task - the first thing done was the jeans (on sale at the Gap $12.99 each) but then they were looking through racks, trying things on and smelling perfumes.

In the end, I let them all buy a few items, with their own money, and I was a hero. We walked out, rich in lip gloss, lego, books and sparkly t-shirts. They all agreed that it was "The best day ever!" We won't be back for a while (hopefully a LONG while) but it is for the best. They were so easily pleased that I would hate to make such an outing routine and less magical. [And yes, I did just use the term magical to describe the mall.]

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