Thursday, March 10, 2011

Science in a Sack

Today I volunteered for Crystal Spring's Science in a Sack program. I showed up promptly at 9:20, as directed, only to find that the gig didn't start until 10am. Not to mention, the cafeteria, where we needed to set up, was occupied by Spanish class. So I spent 40 minutes in the PTA room with five other Moms. I was not amused.

But at long last, the kids came in and we were underway. I had an experiment proving the equal and opposite force idea. I quickly discovered that all the kids knew what the outcome of the experiment would be before we started and they were mostly interested in blowing up balloons and playing with straws. The best reactions I received were when the balloons went rouge and flew across the cafeteria. And when the balloons made noises similar to farts.

I would call it a waste but Maggie really appreciated me being there. I got a huge hug when she came in and she couldn't wait to get to my station. That and the kids looked really cute in the lab coats.

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