Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Small Victories

Yesterday we received the ribbons from a swim meet a few weeks back. Now, this whole situation is anxiety provoking for me. I know Maggie placed 5th or better in every event she entered and won a first place. I also know that Morrigan was in her usual position of DFL and there are zero ribbons forthcoming.

I anticipate tears.

But to the surprise of the entire family, none came. Not even when Maggie stopped in the dining room, where Morrigan was doing her homework, in order to admire her first place ribbon. Or when she then took it into the next room for her father to admire. Morrigan didn't take the bait and held it together entirely.

Thank heaven for small miracles. And for the coming end of the swim season which brings us the end of Morrigan's swimming career.

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