Saturday, March 26, 2011

Solo Swim Meet

After a swim year marked with highs and lows (though largely lows,) Morrigan completed her last swim practice Friday. She wanted me to have a party or some other sort of celebration, which I told her was not going to happen. While I understand and fully support her withdrawal from the sport, we aren't going to fete the event.

Maggie, having had a better year, has decided she'll continue on for at least the summer. One of her coaches for summer swim team asked if she wanted to do a two month transition at Gators (another local year round swim program) rather than take two months off. After considering the offer, and waffling a bit, Mags came up to me and very seriously said, "I think I am ready to commit to the Gators for April and May. I have some gold times and I don't want to drop to silver by taking time off." The weight she gave the whole issue was downright hilarious.

Today was a last swim meet for the winter season held at the Salem Y. Our team, much to Morrigan's delight, was only sending the 8 and under kids. She and Eion stayed home with Tim, also thrilled to miss the event, and Maggie and I headed out. 

Before we left, Mags was saying she was nervous. I told her not to worry. Really, what is the worst thing that could happen? Even if you come in last, we don't care. Morrigan piped up, apparently completely uninterested in soothing her sister and squealed, "Coming in last is the worst thing ever. And I know!" I was feeling glad it was just Maggie and me going.

I know this will be a bit hard to believe, seeing as it was a swim meet, but it was delightful. Maggie was happy to have a parent devoted to just her and swam all her races in a chipper fashion. She wasn't even too bent when her relay team was so slow that when she swam her leg (the final 25,) all the other teams were done before she even started. 

They weren't posting any results so we have no idea how she did. And better yet, she doesn't seem to care. Still a little sad that Morrigan didn't enjoy swimming more, I have to say that overall, it is better this way. Maggie felt free to do well without hurting her sister's feelings by beating her. Morrigan was more than pleased to read all morning. Me? I was just happy no one was complaining.

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