Monday, March 14, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Parade

The last time I went to the Roanoke St. Patrick's Day parade was when Morrigan was still an only child. Years of Tim working, bad weather or both have somehow kept us away. But this year, Tim was off and it was a gorgeous day. Perfect for spending some time downtown.

We chose a spot near the start of the parade. While it wasn't something we had thought about, being early means all the people in the parade are still flush with candy and other trinkets that the children happily gathered.

E, sporting his fedora, found his hat to be his preferred candy collection vessel. 

There were several bagpipe and drum ensembles. They all seemed to be playing the same song but it added a nice bit of continuity.

There were DeLorean cars, fleets of Corvettes, girl scout troops, a gaggle of cross dressing Dorothies, police, our Senator Mark Warner (who Tim refused to let me heckle, deeming the holiday non-political), firemen, Shriners and, god bless the South, three different Sons/Daughters of the Confederacy contingents.

It was really much larger than I remember, lasting about 90 minutes. And we had a great time. Provided the sun is shining next year, we'll be back. Though the children want to be in the parade. What the hell - we'll take the top off the Jeep, crown them the Princesses and Prince of Stone Mountain and drive in the parade tossing out candy. After all, we look Irish, we are Irish and we're sporting names like Tim, Katie, Morrigan, Maggie and Eion. We are St. Patrick's Day.

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