Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tae Kwon Do Testing and My Massive Failure as a Parent

After two months of Tae Kown Do, the kids were ready for their first belt test, from white to yellow. Now, my whole view of the belt system is somewhat skewed by my brother, martial arts master’s, explanation. I’ll paraphrase here but he said the whole thing was basically bs made up for Americans who wanted to meet goals and jump through hoops. He said that the way a white belt really became a black belt was they practiced martial arts so long that their belt got really dirty and groody, hence, black.

But as we are in America and at a school run by Americans, we were off to jump through hoops.

They haven’t told us yet is the kids passed though it appears to my untrained eyes that they did. E did lose focus a bit during the sparring and got absorbed in some detail of his uniform but I don’t think it was enough to hold him back.

The girls went after E and looked great, smoothly performing their forms. 

And then the Great Tragedy of Parenting. The instructor, after asking some serious questions, name of their form, number of moves etc, then asked, somewhat, in jest, “What is the best Star Wars movie?” Morrigan replied, with no irony in her voice at all, “Attack of the Clones.” At which point I knew a as Mother, and a dyed in the wool nerd, that I was an utter failure.

Subsequent texts to Dominick and the reaction of Facebook Nation assured me I was not over-reacting. Fortunately, taste does not seem to be a prerequisite for attaining a yellow belt.

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