Thursday, April 7, 2011

Avid Readers

Morrigan reads at a truly budget-busting pace. She wanted some new book the other day, which I made her buy with her own money, and finished it in a matter of about an hour and a half. Having devoured everything in the children's book section of the house, she keeps wanting to move on to the adult books. While I have no doubt should would be capable of reading Stephen King, there is a decent chance his books would scare the bejesus out of her and a 100% chance there is at least one scene involving sex and many scenes containing profanity.

So in trying to come up with some more advanced material that remains appropriate, I thought about the Lord of the Rings trilogy. To be very honest, knowing my status as Queen Geek is in jeopardy with this admission, I've never read them. I really, really tried but the hundreds of pages of walking around and the detailed discussions of first and then second breakfast couldn't hold me. But, I thought, since Morrigan is such a fast reader, she would be able to burn through the slower parts of the book and she is already predisposed to sci-fi/fantasy/horror.

She thought it was a great idea. I was on directly ordering used copies of The Hobbit and the trilogy.

They arrived yesterday and Eion decided he should read The Hobbit. Now, we all know E can't read yet but he stares at the pages intently and is carrying it everywhere, including school. This irritates Maggie, who decided she was going to read The Fellowship of the Ring, immensely. Her objections were quickly silenced when I reminded her of a couple of summers ago when she toted around Harry Potter books, at that time well beyond her abilities, and insisted she had read them all.

Truthfully, I don't think any of the kids, save Morrigan, is ready for these books. But let me tell you the unbounded joy I am experiencing as they try to "out-read" each other. Next up: math contests!

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  1. How about the library? You can usually go online and order which books you'd like to read, then they call or email you when they've come to the library...all you have to do is go pick them up! Free! (Though I would buy books that I intend to re-read...such as LOTR.)

    Or, for ideas, librarians usually know all kinds of authors I've never heard of...I sometimes go in and ask when I've run out of things to read.