Sunday, April 3, 2011

Family Day Sunday or Hiking in Danskos

So anyone who casually follows this blog realizes that Family Day is a euphemism for Mommy (and/or Daddy) has been overserved the previous evening and you children should fend for yourselves while we "rest." But today, family day was actually a family day. When pondering what to do, we determined that, after having lived in Roanoke for 12 years, we had never been to the Cascade Falls. Really, it's like living in Arizona and never going to the Grand Canyon.

We packed some water and snacks and set off for Pembroke. Sadly, minutes into our trip but just far enough away not to turn back, I realized that I had forgotten to put on my hiking shoes and was wearing Danskos. Oops. To save you the suspense, I made it but do not at all recommend it.

The hike was beautiful and family friendly. We had a couple of spills but the kids did well. 

What was really amazing was the overall lack of complaining. I was stunned. I think it was at least partially due to the fact that we armed each of the kids with a camera. They were all looking for good shots and engaged in their surroundings. 

Or maybe we just got lucky. Who cares. It went ten times better than we ever could have hoped.

To be sure, the cookies that were only available when we reached the falls may have also played a part.

We had an excellent afternoon. And based on the ride home, we'll all sleep well tonight.


  1. Well, I lived here for 16 years before hiking the Cascades.

    Of course, I'm the one who lived in Arizona for 6 years... and, right, never saw the Canyon. (Did you put that in on purpose? Did the MPM pay you to?!?)

  2. love that hike! We did it the first time this summer with Ellie the old dog. The easy trail was closed, so we were on the one where you scramble over rocks and i had to carry the dog a lot of the way! at least i didn't have danskos on!?

  3. Seriously...I cannot believe you hadn't been to the Cascades! I hiked it (ie: Mark hiked it) with Sam on his back and Reagan in the bjorn. It's like a pilgrimage!!!!