Friday, April 15, 2011

Movie Night

So what would possess a relatively sane person to spend Friday night at the movies with six kids?  Well, it just kind of happened...

Morrigan, who has many mates outside the bubble, is very often gypped on the playdates. So I suggested she have a friend over after school and we would go to the movies. Seeing as Tim was working, the plan was that Maggie, E and I also go but, in deference to the pre teen desire for Independence, would sit in a separate location. 

First to object was Maggie, who called foul and begged for Megan to go too. Ok, ok, she can come too. Then Eion, seeing injustice, said it wasn't fair he didn't get to bring anyone. Losing all sense of self preservation, I said what the hell, I love boarding the train headed for most certain disaster. 

Though not being a complete fool, I did make E choose a friend who I was sure would make it through a movie. He picked Luke, who is also a friend of Maggie and Megan, which added one more possible pitfall. Would he be ok with E or would he want to be with the girls his own age?

Ah the peril, she was boundless.

You know what? To the surprise of everyone involved, or just me, the execution was flawless. Granted, I plied each twosome with a huge bag of popcorn and a billion ounce soda (caffeine, sugar and all - sorry parents) but I have been to many a movie not saved by the snack bar. As the movie started up, Megan leaned over to Maggie and told her, "This is the best!" Morrigan and her friend even chose to sit with us.

And the movie was cute to boot. The central character is a parrot who can't fly. At a critical moment, [spoiler alert] he has to spread his wings to save the day. Mags  sat next to me and chanted to herself, "Fly, fly, fly!" It was beyond cute.

We all had such a good time that I, punch drunk on the success, agreed to a Harry Potter movie marathon in the near future. [But only after Megan finishes the books - per her Mother's wishes.]

As I dropped off Morrigan's pal, an only child, her parents surveyed my enhanced brood and looked as though they thought I was crazy. Funny thing is, it was genuinely fun. In spite of the layer of popcorn on the floor of my car.


  1. Glad it was fun. I thought it looked like a cute movie - thanks for the review. I'm sure I'll be seeing it soon. :)

  2. Like :) even though Megs WAS a bit caffeinated on arrival home!