Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pet Week

This week was Pet Week in Kindergarten. Much to the dismay of Jacques J. Kitty Witty, he got to be a part of it all. E was home (marginally) sick that day. I didn't think he was really sick but knew that if I sent him in, the school nurse would send him back to me, probably during tennis. So I kept him with me at the tennis shop home but determined he definitely was not too sick to bring in the kitty.

The cat did fine and tolerated the kids all taking turns petting him. And then it was the question and answer session which reminded me just how much I love Kindergarteners. The teacher asked, "Who has questions for Eion?" About half the hands shot up. A few had genuine questions - how old is he etc- but mainly, it seemed they just had their hands up to be in the mix. When pressed, they had no question. Or when you called on them, they would start off on a tangent, sometimes related, sometimes not.

When it was all over, Jacques was pretty happy (relatively) to get back in his carrier.

Not to change directions too much on you, but this was one of those times when I felt like we had moved on and a door shut. It was our last pet week. Granted, I skipped Morrigan's because, and I can remember thinking this clearly, you have to be frakking kidding me that you want me to waste part of my morning when Maggie (3) and Eion (2 and in full reign of terror mode) were at mother's day out and drag in our unwilling kitty. But as time passed and I was not as stressed by the rigours of motherhood, pet week was fun. And this one passing by made me realize that all of what E did was the last time through for us.

Not that I think the kitty minds a bit.

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