Tuesday, April 19, 2011

She's Got Her Number

So recently winter swim season ended. Morrigan said "Hallelujah!" and retired. Maggie though, she was in the sights of Coach Marcia.

I see Marcia all the time at the gym and she mentioned, knowing Maggie was going to swim this summer, that she should come over to Gators for April and May. And I, having decided I was most definitely NOT going to micro manage the kids' activities any longer (save the non-optional piano), let her know that I would tell Mags about it but ultimately, it was her choice.

Maggie, after flipping and flopping and flipping again, did commit to two days a week for the months before summer.

And she loves it.

I think we have to consider that the absence of her sister's hate of swimming and overall negative attitude towards the sport as a factor but by and large, I just think Coach Marcia has her number. She's got Maggie all hyped up about making "B" times and going to big out of town meets. Maggie leaves practice and tells me excitedly how she swam 200 yards with six flip turns and got, wait for it, a Twizzler! She has long conversations with me about how the coach says she is a natural breaststroker and she has potential. Mags lets me know how, if she works hard, she will get more first place ribbons and trophies.

Today we arrived at the pool and she turned to me and said, "I just love being a Gator."

I know her coach at Marlins cared about her and I found her to be an excellent instructor. But Marcia, she has Maggie, and what motivates her, all figured out. I couldn't be happier.

On a side swimming note, Eion has finally, after forever and a day, graduated from private lessons to the "Shrimps" who, while largely populated by kids 1-2 years younger than him, are a step up. Coach Brett and I discussed it and decided he was ready to take the plunge (da dum dum - couldn't help it) and I presented it to E as he had moved up. No discussion, no arguments, he just went with it. And, to the surprise of the entire universe, didn't complain about the addition of an extra swimming day. So far, he's been very enthusiastic about swimming with "those guys."

As for me, I am just going to enjoy the special star under which it appears I am currently living.

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