Monday, April 11, 2011

Swim Team Banquet

With the end of swim season inevitably comes the swim banquet. I asked the girls if they wanted to go hoping, nay praying the answer would be a resounding no. Sadly for me and the rest of the family, both Morrigan and Maggie, in spite of being warned that they were unlikely to win any special awards, were gung ho about attending. Yippee.

To make it even better, the days leading up to said banquet were gray and dreary, filled with rain. But as luck would have it, the day of the (indoor) banquet was sunny and beautiful with temperatures in the low eighties. Never a better time to be in a crowded dining hall! It was off to Hunting Hills Country Club.

The food was epically bad. And I say that as one who has enjoyed a fair bit of bad club food in her time.  Even the pizza was inedible. The children loaded up on saltines and "garlic bread," a term used very loosely here as it appeared to be wonderbread with some margarine and garlic salt. On a brighter note, the cake was pretty yummy, in a Kroger sheet cake kind of way, and the portions were generous. Eion's was the size of his head.

I was just glad I could charge drinks to our RCC account.

But to hear the recap from the younger set, it was tons of fun. The bad food didn't dampen their spirits (though they didn't get to pay $10 a kid for saltines and toast) and they played happily with all the other wee ones there. 

And let's not forget the all important trophy:

Never has a piece of landfill-destined personalized lucite been so treasured. Upon arriving home, they promptly placed the trophies in prominent locations, digging out swim trophies from seasons past to display along side the newly acquired treasures. 

While I can come up with just about one billion preferable Sunday plans, the kids had fun. So it's all worth it, right?

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