Monday, May 2, 2011

Arizona Botanical Gardens

The kids by the Chihuly sculptures

A botanical garden in the desert seemed a misnomer but all the reviews on Trip Advisor raved about it. Not to mention, we had heard that all the cacti were in full bloom. It was truly spectacular. It made me want to move to the desert just so I could landscape like this.

I took about five million pictures and could have easily spent hours more there. But the kids were much more interested in the butterfly exhibit.

The marveled over the different butterflies and hung around for a LONG time trying to get one to land on them. Only Morrigan had any luck which was near tear inducing for Maggie. She was quickly made whole again when she was given the power to chose our lunch destination - McDonald's, of course.

Some reviews said it was far less impressive when the cacti were not in bloom but if you are out there in late April, this is an absolute must see location.

Though, as ever, our kids were perhaps most impressed with the gift shop. And thank goodness we stopped there so Maggie could get a stuffed animal coyote. Lord knows this family needs more stuffed animals.

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