Monday, May 23, 2011

Author's Tea

I do love the Kindergarten Author's Tea. Set a bunch of 5 and 6 year olds loose to create stories and see what comes of it. In the case of Eion, he wrote a story about his sisters and their relationship with homework, dedicated, naturally, to Tyler, his classmate.

E's story read as follows: 

"First, it was Maggie. Maggie loves homework and it was always easy.

Morrigan is a long story. It is so long you can't even believe it.

She is nine. She hates her homework and cries about it.

My homework is easy as a jiffy. It is so easy you can't believe it.

When I am in second grade, I will say, 'Maggie, do more homework.'

The End"

While greeted with gales of laughter by his classmates, Morrigan decided it was a mean story. I don't think Eion cares. Do you?

Could have been worse. One girl's story started with, "My Mom is getting old." And there was Robert B., E's buddy, who dedicated his book, which was all about how he and Eion play dsi together, to Eion. At one point, Robert wrote that he liked to play dsi with Eion because he beat him all the time. Eion spent the larger part of the weekend refuting this claim.

Surprisingly, Robert gave his book to Eion. I can't believe his parents didn't want it.

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