Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fun Day, Fun Hats and Mother's Day

Ok, so every once in a while, I feel I may indeed be losing my mind. We went to dinner tonight and Ann said she hadn't looked at my blog in forever. To which Jerry replied that it was ok since I am a sparse poster anyway these days. Feeling a bit behind, I dutifully came home and logged on to recount the details of my Boston trip. And I found this post in the draft folder. 

Whisky Tango Foxtrot

I am 100% sure I wrote and published this post before we went to Boston last week but there it was, pictures only, no text and unpublished. In my crazy world, I even received a comment from Amy. Whatever. I am clearly losing it and will just go ahead and rewrite it. Hope it turns out at least as well as the dream version.

So Fun Day was a few weeks back. I was the unfortunate parent who had the responsibility of getting volunteers for the 2nd grade booth - Sandy Candy (think make your own pixie stix.) Willing participants were few and far between meaning I was on the hook for most of the morning. The plan was to arrive after the fun run but an early morning call indicating that a booming voice was needed to be the fun run announcer meant a change of plans. Megaphone malfunctions prevented me from fulfilling my announcer duties but the comments I received as I sought batteries for said megaphone confirmed that I was indeed an excellent choice for the position. Most asked, "Why on earth would you need a megaphone?" SO true.

But I will say that in contrast to prior year's events, I had something very close to a fun time. The kids self entertained and at no point did any of them try to leave the school campus. And sandy candy was a very low key place where the kids did most of the work themselves, leaving me to chat with parents. 

After a full and complete Fun Day, I was ready for a nap. A nap that was not in the cards as it was time to clean up and head out to Molly and Webb's Derby Party.

Our host had made the fatal error of mentioning that he hated everyone clearing out right after the race. Being well versed in overstaying our welcome, we remedied that situation directly.

Reports were that we helped make it the 2nd best Derby party they had hosted. We'll have to step our game up next year.

We didn't have big plans for Mother's Day which I consider generally a Hallmark holiday. (Don't worry, I'm not so cold as to neglect to send cards to my Mom and MIL.) And while they had no gift planned, Tim and the kids started painting the deck. Not bad at all.

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  1. Just to add to the full account, it was Sean who suggested you as MC (and Megan chiming in with a quick second)!

    Hallmark holiday, definitely... and I also thought I was the only one who used that term.

    (And hecks, I would've helped out with the sandy candy! Didn't know you were shorthanded.)