Monday, May 2, 2011

Great Grandma

I don't think I should feel overwhelmed by the prospect of blogging about our trip but I so do. Might have to do with the 500ish pictures I took plus Tim's pictures, plus Morrigan's pictures. Not to mention, there was enough going on that it can't all be in one post, too long for my taste, meaning I have to figure out how to organize my thoughts on the trip. 

Seeing as the draw to Arizona was Tim's Grandmother, we'll start there.

We went to Grandma's for Easter where Tim's only Uncle and Aunt came to visit us. His daughter (Tim's cousin) and her family came from California as well. The kids were excited to meet their second cousins and the lot of them got along famously. 

Grandma set up an Easter egg hunt for them and the kids spent the day eating as much candy as they could get away with (a lot) and playing. 

The adults visited and, in my case, got to know each other. It had been a good 30 years since Tim had seen Shelly, at least a dozen since he had seen Uncle Sonny and Aunt Karen and neither of us had met Shelly's family. The adults got along as well as the kids did and it was a relaxing day.

Over the remainder of the week, we went to sights all around Phoenix. Grandma was invited but said the walking was too much and she wouldn't ride a scooter because it would make her look old. A comment to which Tim replied, "You are old Grandma." Seriously, thick skin is a prerequisite to survival in this family.

But she held firm and didn't want to go on our adventures. So we would visit one or two things each day and then either go to her house or bring her to the hotel for dinner. We would drink beers and watch the kids swim while Tim wrestled with the unfamiliar grill.

When we got back home, Grandma called and told me how she missed us already. Looks like we'll have to convince her to come our way for a visit soon!

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