Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

There is nothing I like better for Mother's Day than when they ask little kids questions about their Moms and record the consistently hilarious results. Not to mention, Eion's came with this gem of a picture:

God I love that boy's hair. But on with E's view of Mommy.

An Interview About Mom by Eion

Her name is Katie.
How old is Mom? 13 (A very generous assessment. I'll take it.)
Mom's favorite food is stinky salad. (This is actually a wilted spinach-feta salad but I'm not going to sweat the details.)
Her favorite thing to do is work out.
My Mom loves it when I give her a hug or a kiss.
My Mom is as pretty as Princess Leia. (Really, is there a higher compliment coming from a six year old boy?)
I love my Mom because she pushes my bedtime back and wakes me up when she wakes up. (Neither of these things is technically true but if it makes him love me, so be it!)

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  1. All I can say is really, thank you for sharing that hair photo.