Monday, May 2, 2011

Natural History Museum and Taliesin West

For our next day, we briefly entertained going to a "Ghost Town." The kids liked the idea of panning for "gold" and in spite of the high probability chance it was a tourist trap, I thought it might me good, cheesy fun. Fortunately, I looked a little closer before we departed and saw that it was plenty cheesy and trappy but was also big bucks with each additional "attraction" costing $6 more dollars per person. My favorite was the Bordello (Pictures encouraged!) where the kids could learn about the role of women in the Wild West. 

Uh, no.

But that left us without a gold panning location and a near riot on our hands. A search of the Trip Advisor archives (really, this may be my favorite app when on the road) and we found the Mesa Natural History Museum had such an attraction. Sold!

It really was a nice museum and had lots of fun things for the kids though panning for gold was the favorite.

Everyone was still in high spirits after we finished there so we decided to go to a Frank Lloyd Wright home, Taliesin West. They had three options for tours: one hour, ninety minutes and three hours. I figured we would be damn lucky to get through one hour without another attendee killing the children so we went with the shortest option.

I was positively floored when the kids were good, quiet and attentive the entire time. Seriously, no bs. The girls even said they found it really interesting. Had I known, we would have gone on the ninety minute tour.

But it was probably best I didn't tempt fate. After all, the pool was waiting....

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