Monday, May 2, 2011

Sedona and Slide Rock

We had originally intended to drive to the Grand Canyon but the eight hours round trip seemed daunting, especially considering the kids' propensity to start picking at each other after five minutes in the car. Instead, we opted for Sedona which was only about 2 1/2 hours.

We are so happy we went. It was stunning. I felt like all you had to do was blindly take pictures and the result was postcard/poster/art quality.

You couldn't help but think of phrases like "God's Country" when looking around here. 

Our destination was slide rock, a natural rock formation that made a waterslide. Tim went there as a kid and was shocked it was still open. In these days of car seats until you are 25 and full body armour to ride a bike, this seemed like something that would be shut down for "safety" reasons.

But fortunately, it wasn't. Maggie, Tim and I were the only ones in our family brave enough to tackle the 52 degree water. 

Not to be a huge baby, but I was perfectly happy to sit this one out. That is, until Tim mocked me into it. "What - did you come all this way for NOT slide rock?" It was fun. Cold, but fun.

After changing into some dry gear and getting lunch, we were headed back. We saw signs for Montezuma's Castle and thought a slight detour might be fun. It was a thousand year old Indian dwelling built into the side of a mountain. It was a quick stop, but neat to see. And the kids didn't have to pay admission.

That night we went to say goodbye to Grandma and get ready to head home the next day. While we had our fair share of kids fighting, getting lost and a little sunburn, the trip went better than we could have possibly hoped. Spring Break, I deem thee a success.

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