Sunday, May 1, 2011

Stutter Start

So if you noticed I took a week off, it was with good reason. We took the whole family out to Phoenix. I would have given notice about my absence but while I am all for transparency, I still feel pretty strongly that announcing my house will be empty is generally a bad idea. 

The trip had a rocky start, to say the least. We arrived Saturday morning at the airport at the oh so early hour of 5:15am to find our flight cancelled. Not delayed, but gone. No warning. They had conveniently re-scheduled us for the next day. Seeing as we were expected that day, I, reigning in my considerable irritation quite effectively, asked if we might make it out today. Indeed we could, in seven hours. 

The good news is Roanoke is a small enough town that we could quickly reclaim our vehicle and return home. "You know," Tim said on the way home, "since we're not leaving until this afternoon, we can go to the Bunny Brunch at the Club." This was hailed by all as a banner idea. Lemonade from lemons for sure!

Their Easter clothes were packed for Easter in Arizona but the kids improvised and found other gear, only slightly disappointed at their lack of matchyness. The girls cared little for the Bunny (sniff, sniff) but Eion made up for their indifference with an abundance of enthusiasm. Even though he noticed that, "There's a grown up inside the Easter Bunny!" 

Whichever employee drew the short straw and had to suit up was really into his/her role, high fiving the kids and letting them touch his nose repeatedly. E loved it.

Then it was outside to the egg hunt.

As ever, the lawn was littered with tons of eggs. So many that the five and under crowd, separate from the older kids, eventually tired of gathering them and just left eggs all over the place. A course of action that was much appreciated by my children and the other big kids as they were allowed to swoop in and clean up after wee ones.

After a successful brunch and hunt, we changed and headed back to the airport where this time, we successfully departed for Arizona.

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