Wednesday, June 8, 2011

First Swim Meet of Summer

School may have two more days but as far as we are concerned, Summer is here! Monday was the first swim meet of summer and by all accounts, it was a huge success.

First, let's go through who in the house is swimming this year. Morrigan called it quits and it has worked out for everyone. Maggie continued on and Eion is a new addition. Tim foolishly challenged a friend that if she swam, he would. Jennie took this quite seriously and spent the winter training. So Tim is swimming. I left last summer with all intentions of swimming but even after putting in the time at the pool, I am so very painfully slow that I just couldn't do it. That and I found I am too terrified to dive off the blocks. The prospect of diving off the side and then being the slowest person out there, including the 6 and unders, was more punishment than I could take.

But I did find a job at the swim meets many find unsavory that falls directly into my skill set - Clerk of Course. Basically you have to get everyone organized in heats and ready to go. Lots of talking very loud and ordering people around. Just right for me!

We weren't sure E was going to swim. He was excited about the suit - his "tiny suit" as he calls it - but he was intermittently bursting into tears of nervousness. Actually, I have to side track. Buying his suit was hilarious. The kid is really slight. His skinny style, slim fit jeans are baggy - he's not used to clothes being tight. So when he tried on the suit, he told me it didn't fit. Seeing it clearly did, I asked why he thought so. "It's touching me all over!" he cried. But back to the the end, he did swim his race, leaping off the blocks in grand style. They wanted the kids who couldn't dive to go off the side but he would have none of it.

He came in next to last but in E's world view, came in second. He was so excited about his race (and subsequent participation ribbon, his first) that I opted not to correct him. Much to the chagrin of his sister.

Maggie swam two very respectable races getting 4th silver in freestyle and 8th silver in backstroke. She was irritated she didn't get gold times but I reminded her she had just aged up. And more importantly, who really cares? 

I almost forgot about Tim! He was behind the blocks but managed to miss backstroke. Oops. But he got in there  for freestyle and earned 5 points for the team with his 1st place bronze time. Go Timmy!

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