Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Just Keep Swimming

This week is shaping up to be (shoot, it's half way gone - it is) busy as ever. Morrigan is at horseback riding camp this week. Not being a horse person myself and completely unwilling to drive out to the boonies for year round riding, I make the concession once a year that she can go to Centura. We'll see on Friday, at the end of camp horse show, how she does this year. Last year's regression did nothing to reverse my anti-horse stance.

Monday night we swam against Stonegate. Eion, in spite of not being much of a swimmer, is currently leading the family, hell maybe the whole team, in enthusiasm. Practice he could live without, but he adores the meets. He can't dive but is determined to go off the blocks. His coaches endeavor to get him down but Mr. Tenacious just gets right back up there.

When the starter goes off, he leaps into the water with gusto. Efficient - not so much. Hilarious? Oh you bet.

He was disqualified immediately in breaststroke, which was no surprise. It was an all too common outcome in the 6 and under set. Our friend was not too far off when he referred to this event as "interpretive dance." His 25 freestyle was almost equally comical as he continually lost ground by paying more attention to his place in relation to the other swimmers rather than focusing on swimming. But the boy was happy.

Tim, the poor thing, was up for the 100 free and 50 breast. But in typical McK fashion, had time to pose before his race.

Wonder where E gets his style?

Maggie pie swam silver times for both the 50 free and 25 breast. And much to her delight, nailed her flip turn. While she may lack the flair of her father and brother, she was easily our top performer.

Ever the terrestrial being I am, I was content to document the proceedings. We all had fun, even Morrigan, who reveled in her recently acquired non-swimming status, but were ready to cash it in at the end of the night. In a completely unprecedented moment, the kids raced into the house, all calling out, "We can't wait to get to bed!" Thank goodness because neither could I.

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