Wednesday, June 15, 2011

No No, Let's Fit in One More Thing!

Summer is on and, as always, it seems we either have a full weekend of plans or Tim is working all weekend. Fortunately, we just had the former. Saturday, Tim was scheduled to play golf in the afternoon after which we were meeting up for cocktails. Six holes in and lightening closed the course but seeing as they weren't expected back for several hours, he and the boys determined the clubhouse was in order. When the "golfing" was through, it was back to back cocktail parties. 

Sunday we went to the lake for Eion's buddy's birthday party. Mother Nature smiled on us and we had picture perfect conditions for the whole party, which I think was a first as this annual event is generally plagued with dicey weather.

We've hit this wonderful sweet spot where the kids all can swim and take care of themselves. It really is much more relaxing than hovering over them every minute, fearing they are on the verge of drowning or dismemberment. I was able to engage in a whole lot more adult conversation. Other than Maggie's run in with a fish hook, a flesh wound really, though you would never guess it from the screaming, we passed the day without incident.

The kids (and adults) swam, fished and went out for boat rides. And of course, there was cake and ice cream!

When the party was over we hated to leave our hosts but we had just had one more stop - swim team pictures. The sunny weather turned to a downpour as we drove back to town but the storm broke long enough to get the shot. 

By the end of the weekend, we were ready for rest, but it was time for camps to start and swim meet Monday!

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