Monday, June 20, 2011

Off to Camp!

Yesterday we drove Maggie to West Virginia for sleep away camp. She has been counting down the days for weeks. It is the same camp she attended last year so we were in familiar territory. On her part, there was not a hint of nervousness.

There was, however, a distinct lack of interest in the rest of the family. As soon as we had her delivered to her tent, she was ready to be done with us. I offered to stay and help her make her bed but she told me she had it covered and she would see me next week. Now I know I shouldn't be surprised that my children are uber independent, but there was a little twinge when I was deemed completely unnecessary. Just a little one though. I want her to have a home sickness free week, as I am sure she will.

Eion, who I am beginning to believe is becoming a player, busily charmed the counsellors with his plans to hide at camp so he could stay with Maggie. On our way back out, he joined in with the girls singing the welcome song to the next group of campers. The frequency with which I hear the comment, "He's just the cutest thing" is unnerving. 

After our short, sweet drop off, Morrigan, Eion and I drove back home. Their different reactions were interesting. Eion figured that with Maggie out of the picture, he should get to share a room with Morrigan. And her give up having her own room for a week? Fat chance.

But the prospect of her own room wasn't quite enough to cheer her up. Mini Camp is only offered for two years, after which you have the choice of 3 weeks or 6 weeks. Neither fit in our schedule this summer (or our budget for that matter) so she won't be going to Camp Alleghany this year. [She's going to a Girl Scout sleepaway camp instead.] And at some point over the winter, we realized that it was unlikely to ever be in our budget (by the time both girls went to 3 weeks of camp we would be looking at about $6,000) and we really had no interest in shipping off the girls for three weeks. But I am told that will change as they get older and I will be itching to get rid of them. So there is hope Morrigan!

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  1. That looks like fun. Love the tents. The independence thing is weird for me. I want her to be able to survive without me but I still want to be needed - but not called in the middle of the night for a pick up! :)