Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Week In McK

In spite of being down one child this week, we were busy as ever. Add to that lightening that wiped out our wireless router and left us without internet for a few days and you have my excuses for lack of updates this week.

With Maggie gone for Monday's swim meet, Tim took over as the family star. He went out to the pool that morning and learned butterfly, returned that evening and (successfully) swam a 50 butterfly and a 100 IM. He was a rock star! E flamed out in the 25 backstroke but loved the meet anyway. He was disappointed he couldn't go off the blocks but took his DQ in stride.

We received the great news that Maggie was accepted into PLATO this week as well so she will be at Highland Park in the Fall with Morrigan and her bestest, Megan. As she was at camp she was literally the last to know but the delay didn't diminish her excitement.

Thursday we had the rare week day Supper Club, brought about by all our impossible Summer schedules. Luckily, the odd day only meant two people were not able to make it. The weather was not as cooperative as I would have liked so we were indoors rather than on the deck but it was a great night anyway.

Today we picked up Maggie who had an excellent time at camp. She seems to be training for some sort of para-military career, having chosen both riflery and archery as her activities. It does appear she accomplished her goal of not brushing her hair all week - aim high Mags. But other than a run in with a daddy long legs we have heard about, repeatedly, her camp week came off without a hitch.

We're only home for a few days before it is off on our Summer vacation. I may or may not update depending on our wireless situation but worse comes to worse, we'll just do the full debrief on our return.

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  1. The entire 'Ginnis clan is thrilled for Mags!