Sunday, July 31, 2011

And Every Once in a Great While, I Get It Just About Right

So a wee bit back when Maggie and Megan were knee deep in the Harry Potter series, I discovered that Megs had seen nary a HP movie. Her Mom, Amy, thought that it was important to form your own vision of the whole gig before seeing what the folks at Universal had dreamed up. [While those of us who hadn't put that much thought into it had gladly dragged our kids to the previous movies, whether they liked it or not.] After realizing that, damn, that might have been a good idea, I quickly surmised that we would have to remedy this situation prior to HP7 Part 2 being released. 

With little (read:no) forethought, I promised the girls a marathon of Harry Potter, during which we would catch up on all the movies and eat lots and lots of popcorn. Fast forward to Saturday at about 1:30pm when the big day arrived. Soon thereafter, I realized I had completely failed to take into account was just how long such a marathon might be. By the time we reached bedtime (a late one to boot) we were only mid-way through Goblet of Fire. In spite of eating in front of the tv.

Come morning, we were back at it by 7:30am. [In an ever so brief moment of sanity, I did turn down requests of popcorn for breakfast.] By mid morning when Amy checked in, we were just starting Order of the Phoenix. Which, as luck would have it, the girls' friend Margaret hadn't seen either.

Bring on the expansion.

Countless bowls of popcorn, one Monopoly break and many giggles later, we wrapped it all up in a mere 30 hours.  Really, I was feeling like the best Mom ever.

So why just about right? As her friends left for home, Maggie burst into tears because we didn't finish the monopoly game. You're welcome sweetheart.


  1. I'm sorry but I busted out laughing at that last line. So. Freaking. Hilarious. And totally deserving of preserving for posterity. Embarrassing or no they need to know what utter pills they were capable of being. And by "they" I mean my daughter too, who came home and, once she crashed off the adrenalin high (read: 18 min), was so awful I seriously wished I had some Transformation skillz at my disposal.

    ps, my word verification is "hylogene." What, exactl

    But really. Thank you, so very much; from our end you got it 100% right. She had a perfectly wonderful time - and I have to say I think this renders your Cool Mom status inarguable!

  2. I'm not very adept with the cursor on my new computer, obviously! exactl, you know. I'm sure I was trying to say something witty tied in to Harry Potter re "hylogene," which I thought sounded like it really should be a word...