Wednesday, July 13, 2011

And Finally, The Beach

After our whirlwind tour of central/north Florida, it was off to Garden City Beach, South Carolina for a week in the surf with Tim's parents, brother and his family. We were blessed with perfect weather and had an awesome, relaxing time. Including many, many family portraits, at my request naturally. 

Though I can't take credit for the matching shirts. Those were a gift from my in-laws. 

All the kids tackled the surf, for the first year with almost no fear. Even Eion.

But Morrigan was the champ, always first out into the ocean and willing to stay as long as someone was out with her. She probably would have been happy to stay alone if we had let her.

We were there for the 4th of July and saw what I found to be one of the best arguments for free market Capitalism ever. South Carolina has fireworks laws that are not particularly strict. You can legally purchase really, really big fireworks. Think what your city uses for the 4th. We actually didn't buy any figuring the rest of the beach vacationing population would hook us up. How very right we were. The amateur, not coordinated show started just before dark and went on for 2 1/2 hours. And by went on, I mean grand finale level rapidity, put near rivaling Disney going on. Non stop from 8pm ish to 10:30ish. It was great. Maggie finally just bailed before it was over because she was tired and had seen enough. 

And all at no expense to any taxpayers. 

Alright, Capitalism commercial complete.

Tim and I (by choice) did allot of the cooking, enjoying all the fresh seafood and seasonal produce. And a few beers too...

We had the most fantastic, relaxing and family-filled week! Now it is back to reality and working off that beer! But first, a few scenes from the beach.

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