Friday, July 29, 2011

And the Nominee Is...

In the category of completely bat shit crazy, over the edge Mom - Katie McK!!!!

With the prospect of back to school shopping (already) hitting me last night, I dutifully printed out the three rather exhaustive lists of required supplies needed for the wee McKs. As I perused the lists, it occurred to me, why on earth am I going to buy 48ish pencils when I have a box of god knows how many very lightly used ones around here? Why should I buy scissors when we have at least 6 pairs around the house?

And I set off on a supply finding scavenger hunt, much to the horror of Morrigan, the only one still up as I, naturally, began this endeavour at 9pm.

I raised a fist in triumph as I located more than enough pencils, supply boxes, hand sanitizer, pencil sharpeners and scissors for the entire crew. My enthusiasm now in high gear, I set out to assemble sets of viable crayons from the overflowing crayon box which might very literally contain a thousand crayons.

Morrigan, however, felt it had gone far enough and let me know that while she would agree to use the other found supplies, a hodge podge of crayons in a rubbermaid box was going to open her to the threat of becoming a locker-stuffer. Not at all happy about it, I stood down.

Tim thinks I am just insane. But I don't see why we need brand new everything every year. We can afford it - I am pretty sure my efforts have saved us whopping $11.95, but it is the principle of the thing. That brand new supply box will look just as dirty as the one we already have in a matter of days, plus we will then have two pieces of plastic eventually on their merry way to the landfill. Maybe too what we need to be doing is teaching the bigger lesson to our kids to use our resources wisely, not to just need a new shiny thing all the time. That there is value in frugality.

Or maybe they will just be embarrassed and tell their friends, "Yeah, it is last year's pencil sharpener. Mom is completely off her rocker." Seeing as I am still going to chaff at the prospect of purchasing new crayons, they may even be right.

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  1. I get so mad at the end of the year when I see my students throwing away perfectly good supplies. You wouldn't believe the stash of stuff that I've stored at school by pulling things out of the trash. Now I tell the kids at the end of the year to ask me if I want it before they throw it away.