Thursday, July 14, 2011

The End of Swim Season, Sort Of

Monday marked the last regular swim meet for summer, much to the delight of Tim! Maggie sailed through her events with silver times in butterfly and backstroke. Since we missed a few meets, she had the added bonus of swimming an "open" 100 IM in order to qualify for City County.

Poor E disqualified in backstroke. Seems those two weeks off left him out of practice enough that he needed to propel himself on the lane line one time too many. As I watched, I kept thinking, "How on earth has he not been dqed yet?"Apparently his transgressions eventually became too egregious for even his generous judge and he was called. 

Maggie's response was joyful, letting us know that this definitely made her McK swimmer of the week.

Tim, after two years of saying how he was not going to his 25th high school reunion, has made an about face and decided he does want to go. Which is great except it is the weekend of City County. In Detroit. When we told the kids, Maggie simply said, "I want to stay and swim." I certainly didn't play hardball but did gently try to convince her that she may want to go to her grandparents instead. How wrong I was. 

And so began the Calling In Of The Favors to make it possible for her to stay. Now if it were E (who incidentally also wants to stay), I would (and did) just say no. Bless him for having enthusiasm but he didn't get a point all season. I'm not owing a half dozen families in that case. But Mags had a great season and stands to do well, so it is on.

While we are in Detroit, she will be at three different houses (thank you all!), and have various other people shepherding her around the swim meet, taking her to the swim banquet, and ferrying her to camp Monday. (With thanks to all those people too!) I will return to owe favors from now until the end of time. Let's hope she has a great meet.

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