Friday, July 22, 2011

Just Like Old Times

With Operation Maggie Goes to City County underway, having dropped her off at Ann & Hans' house, we set sail for Detroit for Tim's 25th high school reunion. Though we knew people were getting together on Thursday night, we were uncommitted pending evaluation after a ten hour drive. But somewhere along the way we found out that night was the only night Adrienne would be in town. 

So it was a quick clean up, drop the remaining kids with Mom & Dad, and off to Royal Oak, our one-time home. 

And hail, hail, the old gang's all here! We had a great evening catching up, having not seen many of Tim's old mates in a decade or more. We got home way past curfew - 12:30 - and I was quite glad I wasn't getting up for 18 holes of golf the next day.

But it was one more chapter in the Summer theme of reconnecting. For months now, it seems each trip involves seeing old friends and relatives we've been neglecting during those busy early parenting years. Once again, it felt so good - just like it was yesterday we were all staying out too late in the old neighborhood. I may be the only wife ever to feel this way, but I can't wait for tonight's event when we are likely to see even more blasts from the past.

On a side note, Maggie's decision to stay home was not in vain. She swam the 25 Free and 100IM today placing 8th silver and 1st bronze, respectively. I called to congratulate her and she was stoked about the 1st place. It comes not only with a ribbon, but a much coveted medal. She seems to to miss us a whit, making my trip completely guilt free!

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