Monday, July 11, 2011

Our Adventures Started With Great Grandma

So we are back after two weeks away! I'll try to catch you up on all the fun in between....

Tim's paternal Grandmother turned 100 the last week of June. We knew this was coming and went through the proper channels to have the President send her a letter but hadn't planned much beyond that. Then about six weeks ago, we realized the big day was only a few days before we were going to the beach with Tim's family. Maybe I am getting all sentimental in my old age, but it seemed like something we, and the kids, should be at in person. A few schedule swaps and a 12 hour drive later and we were in Florida.

Now, Grandma is kind of a private person, always concerned about people knowing her "business." She had rejected the idea of having cake with the other residents of her assisted care facility because "it's none of their damn business how old I am." As odd as it may seem, we all agreed not to discuss her actual age. A plan that was great until the moment we walked through the door and Eion rushed up to her and said, "We're not supposed to talk about how you're 100 so we are just using one candle. That way no one will know you are 100!" Smooth move E. Could you have worked "100" in a few more times?

But as her great grandchild and the only great grandson, he managed to get away with it and Grandma seemed nonplussed. We let her choose the restaurant for lunch and she selected The Marguererita Grill - home of all the fried seafood and gigantic margaritas. She didn't have one as big as mine, but she threw one back herself!

When lunch was over, the waitress seemed inordinately slow with the check so I went to seek her out - and find Eion, who had been missing for twenty minutes or so. Turns out what he was doing was 1) trying to order a beer with the $5 Great Grandma had given him and 2) telling anyone who would listen that it was her 100th birthday. So the waitstaff had made her a dessert with a candle. And had the entire restaurant sing to her. And told them all she was 100. So much for not mentioning it.

But again, the little guy got away with it and Grandma seemed ok with all the attention. We went back to her apartment for some cake. She must not have been too bothered by E's actions as he got to blow out the candle.

Lunch and cake are about all the excitement she could handle for one day so we said our goodbyes and last "Happy Birthdays." And that letter from the President? She got it all right. And promptly threw it away with the explanation, "I don't like that woman. (Michelle)" Advancing age clearly hasn't reined in her feisty nature. Happy Birthday Grandma.

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