Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Reunion Weekend

After an awesome start, the reunion weekend rolled on.....

Tim played approximately 5 billion holes of golf with his old mates, leaving me free to lunch with friends Casey and Olivia.

Not to mention some girls only shopping. (Not that we wouldn't have welcomed Casey - he self-exiled.) Morrigan was completely enamoured with the "big" mall in Novi. [She probably would have flipped if we went to the really nice mall in another part of town.] She gushed over the fancy stores and reveled in the girl time. In a completely out of character move myself, I even ponied up for a pair of Ugg boots for her - which she is now wearing in the heat of summer, looking like some dingbat celebrity in LA. 

The reunion itself was fun, as much fun as one can have as a spouse at a reunion. Saw lots of old friends, many of whom I knew from our Detroit days, and met many others. 

So there were two funny/baffling/worth remarking upon incidents. The night before the reunion, we went to some bar and met up with a whole group people, one of whom was Tim's high school girlfriend, Leslie. Now, I am 4 years younger than Tim, went to a different high school anyway, and met him a year after this relationship was over. Not to mention, we've been together 20 years, married for 16. I was not threatened, at all. When we walked in, she came right up and gave me a hug (she gets a pass - how was she to know I am not a hugger) and said how glad she was to meet me. We talked that night (and the next) and in all honesty, she reminds me a lot of myself. [Except she is a liberal - Tim found it fairly horrifying he had dated someone who went left and told her so.] If we were in the same town, we might be friends.

You can see why Tim and I both got a hearty laugh the next night when, acting just like it was still high school, many of his classmates were whispering, wondering if I knew of their "past" together. Really, what were they expecting? That I had assumed Tim never dated until, at age 23, he met me? That I didn't already know about her? And bless the gossip mongers, probably a few would have loved a good old fashioned scene. Sadly, we disappointed and got along well.

At some point in the evening, I was off getting food or a drink or something and ended up talking to a friend of Tim's who I knew from the old days but not terribly well. He commented that he felt "You [Katie] really get a bad rap. You're lots of fun." Uh, Huh? I was a bit taken aback as while there are many things at which I do not excel, silence, patience, low-fat eating, a category I don't generally consider a fail for me is fun. Being of tremendously thick skin and realizing that this was, in his own way, a compliment, I went with "Thanks!" 

We bailed on the reunion at midnight but heard the festivities went on until 3:30am. It was totally the right choice!

The next day we went to a picnic at Darren's house - the only kid-inclusive event of the weekend. Eion promptly paired up with sweet little Brooklyn and they declared they were "married."

At least I know I like the in-laws.

Our weekend of fun was vastly facilitated by my parents, who happily helped out with, and spoiled terribly, the kids.

The driving, trading of shifts and dispositioning of Maggie were well worth it. Speaking of which....

Maggie had the meet of her life, swimming personal best times in 4 out of 5 events. She had 2 bronze times, both of which were 1st place, hence the much loved medals. In all of her other events she had silver times and placed well. Not to mention, she won her heat in one event. She was on top of the world. When we arrived to get her Monday, she looked quite disappointed and accused us of being early. 

It was a stellar weekend for the whole family.

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  1. Great pictures of very happy people everywhere!

    And it's probably the right time to tell you that we pretty much universally consider you something of a wet blanket. Yessirree, if there's fun to be had, there's old stick-in-the-mud Katie, doing her best downer dance, by gum! (uh, wtf??)