Friday, August 26, 2011

And the Reality Sets In

The first day of destruction didn't seem so bad. We were out one room and there was some mess but, with 7% of the job complete, things were humming right along. Then there was yesterday when I was left with this:

I have no kitchen. This is probably a big deal for everyone but for us, I think there is an even greater impact. We cook. Allot. Hans came over the other day and I had "staged" the kitchen for some before shots. He commented that in all the times he had been over, this was the first ever that our kitchen was not in use. 

Then there was dinner. After having not much of a lunch, Morrigan's birthday party (about which I'll write later) distracted me and I forgot to eat, a first and I found myself starving by 5pm. So we have to decide what to eat, go out and get it and pay for it. It was awful. I mean, is this what it is like when you don't know how to cook? Do you have to do this everyday? 

For the near future, it does appear we do get to do this everyday. Yipes.

The good news is the drywall guy was fast and we have walls in the family room again! 

And dust. Lots and lots of dust.....

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  1. Hang in there! It will be all worth it in the end.

    I wonder about people who eat out all of the time. It really is expensive.

    I cooked with an electric skillet on top of my washer in our basement the summer we did our kitchen addition. Maybe you can grill the next few weeks.